Five Field Inn

Five Field Lane originally was a rural lane running around the northern boundary of Plymouth from North Hill to Eldad Hill, at the dawn of the nineteenth century there stood ‘a solitary farmstead on the site of Five Fields’. During the cholera epidemic of 1850 a wooden hospital was erected there, just after the after the location had been considered as a possible site for a railway station to serve the Three Towns – it was built at Millbay.

Soon after that ‘Five Fields gave way to North Road with its avenue of terraces’ (Whitfeld), and amongst all the new houses a number of new pubs sprang up, possibly to quench the thirsts of the men working on the new properties being built at that time. Some of them, like the Five Field Inn, were comparatively short-lived. Originally designated No.6 North Place, it later became 127, then 151 North Road and still stands today, but no longer as a pub, indeed it was being used by a jeweller in 1873.


1857 - Louisa Allen
1862 - S Hayes