Field Battery Inn

It is not, perhaps, surprising to find that when Granby Barracks, Devonport, were in operation there were a handful of hostelries in neighbouring Granby Street, among them the Granby Cellars (later the Marquis of Granby) and the Field Battery Inn. The two stood quite close, the former was No.30a Granby Street, the latter, No.32, and both had clear military connections, the former being named after a famous soldier, and the latter after a soldier’s mobile weapon – a field battery here denoting battery of field guns, that is an array of guns of the type that were capable of accommodating its gunner(s) and on its carriage.

Latterly owned by the New Victoria Brewery at Hyde Park (Plymouth) this nineteenth century beerhouse was compulsorily closed on 29 February 1932.


1865 - James Kemp
1877 - J Walmsley
1888 - B Wiles
1895 - James Johns
1907 - John Patey
1912 - L Gibbs
1919 - William Barrett
1920 - Francis Barrett
1921 - Patrick Barrett