Falmouth Inn

While the Barbican still sports the highest concentration of pubs in the Plymouth area today, time was when it was a great deal higher and the Falmouth Inn was one of around twenty pubs in the Lambhay Hill, Lambhay Street and Castle Street neighbourhood. It stood two doors down from the Commercial at the bottom of the hill.

Strangely enough the Falmouth was one of two so-named pubs in the Three Towns at the time – the other was in Devonport, on the corner of Fore Street and Queen Street just opposite the Dockyard Gate. Quite what the inspiration for the name was is unclear but it may have been tied in with the naming of the Falmouth Packet, a mail boat that took post from the area to European ports from 1703 onwards. There is still a pub of that name in Rosudgeon. Meanwhile, the Plymouth pubs (like that postal service itself) are long gone, both having closed in the nineteenth century.


1852 - Jane Tremeer
1857 - John Tremeer
1865 - Mrs Tremeer
1867 - Thomas Fox