Exeter Inn (Exeter Street)

As a principal destination in its own right and as a stop off point on all journeys eastwards in the golden age of the coaching inn, the Three Towns, as you might expect, boasted a number of Exeter Inns: Devonport and Stonehouse each had one and Plymouth had two, one in Flora Street and the other at what was then, one of the most easterly parts of the town, here at the end of Exeter Street. It stood just yards from the turning into Sutton Road, right next door to one of the long-gone but longest survivors in this stretch, the Burton Boys.

However, unlike the Burton Boys, which remained a licensed premises to the end of its days, the Exeter Inn called time in the early years of the twentieth century; it had become a fishmongers by the beginning of the First World War, and was a Blitz victim during the Second World War.


1823 - Richard Markham
1844 - John Budge
1847 - Thomas Williams
1852 - John Hansley
1857 - Emmanuel Cole
1862 - William Clement
1867 - William Full
1873 - Samuel Whitmarsh
1877 - A Moses
1880 - T Pitts
1890 - Thomas Pearce
1895 - Chas Rogers
1898 - Patrick Harrington
1903 - J Sercombe
1907 - Chas Charters