Excise Office

Located not far from the Custom (and Excise) Office on the Parade, the Excise Office pub in Notte Street stood directly opposite the Hoegate Brewery, which stretched between the bottom of Hoegate Street and the entrance to Southside Street.

Somewhat bizarrely this pub stood directly in front of the quite splendid early-eighteenth century townhouse that William Cookworthy once owned and in which he entertained Captain Cook, John Smeaton and various other luminaries his day. In its day this impressive residence doubtless had a large garden in front of it, but shortly after 1820 houses had been built across its frontage, on a revised Notte Street layout, and one of those properties enjoyed a relatively brief life as the Excise Office. In the early 1880s Isaac Foot snr. bought the site and built a Christian Mission Hall (now a restaurant) here.


1850 - James Pardew
1852 - Samuel Ball
1866 - S Southcott