Somewhat confusingly the Eagle in Cumberland Street, Devonport, stood just four doors away from the Spread Eagle in the same street. Both then, were located on the main route into the town, coming up Devonport Hill from Stonehouse Bridge, and both were closed before the beginning of the last war. The Spread Eagle closed on the eve of Christmas Eve, 1930, while the Eagle itself closed in the early 1850s. You could perhaps argue that the Eagle was closed due to the war effort as it occupied a small part of the site earmarked for the new barracks built in Devonport between 1854 and 1858. Prompted partially by the Crimean War which started in 1854, the new barracks, named after Lord Raglan the early leader of the British forces in the Crimea, replaced the previous barracks on the site, which had been built back in the 1750s. The new site covering 11 acres, saw the clearing of four out of six of the original barrack blocks, plus a number of other buildings, including the Eagle.


1814 - Thomas Trice
1822 - James Higman
1830 - William Baker
1850 - John Collins
1852 - Caroline Lawton