Durham Arms

It stood on the southern corner of Cecil Street and what is now called Wyndham Lane, but for many years was referred to as Durham Lane, at least in the street directories – curiously the map makers and directory compilers do not always seem to have agreed over this one. The lane, incidentally, runs at the back of that stretch of North Road West that was originally known as Durham Place – North Road, like Union Street and one or two others locally, having originally been made up of a series of separately named terraces.

One of at least eight, nineteenth-century Cecil Street pubs this one closed, somewhat abruptly, during the war, when it was hit by a high-explosive enemy bomb and the site, but not the pub, has since been rebuilt.


1873 - William Welsh
1880 - Mrs H Flower
1885 - Thomas Ball
1890 - Mrs Harriett Baugh
1911 - FJ Nicholls
1920 - Frederick Finch
1925 - William Hodge
1929 - Charles O’Connor
1937 - Percy Steed