Duncan’s Victory

Born in Dundee in 1731, Adam Duncan was thirteen when he joined the Royal Navy and by the time he was 31 he was commanding his own ship, the Valiant, in the sacking of Havana. At the celebrated British success at the Battle of Cape St Vincent in 1780 he was in charge of the Monarch, but it was during the winter of 1797 that Duncan masterminded a brilliant victory over the Dutch at Camperdown. This was Duncan’s Victory and doubtless it was some retired sailor who opted to christen this James Street pub in his honour, perhaps even Samuel Lark himself.

Like so many pub in Plymouth Dock that sprang up during the Napoleonic Wars, this didn’t survive long past the conclusion of hostilities and the accompanying demise in trade locally.


1812 - Samuel Lark
1822 - J Watkins