Duke of Edinburgh

Situated at No.30 Flora Street, a few doors down from King Street, this modest beerhouse – lost to us during the last war – appears to have been renamed when it was taken over by Timothy Kennelly in the late-1870’s.

A naval man, Kennelly had served on HMS Galatea between 1867 and 1870. His Commanding Officer was then the Duke of Edinburgh and it would appear that at some point the service rendered by Kennelly to the Duke was of sufficient note for the Duke to personally present him (on board Her Majesty’s ship the Black Prince) with a gold ring – a ring that he in turn bequeathed his eldest son John.

The story goes that a sum of money accompanied this gift and it was this evidently that enabled Kennelly to purchase the pub and it provided the inspiration for the naming of the same. Kennelly died at property on 30 January 1883.


1873 - Joseph White
1879 - Timothy Kennelly
1883 - Mrs Honora Kennelly
1895 - Mrs Fitzgerald
1898 - John Turner
1902 - F Bean
1902 - G Fuge
1905 - W White
1910 - F White
1911 - Frederick Nichol
1925 - Ernest Murrin
1937 - William Swift
1941 - Frances Hill