Duchy of Cornwall

On the corner of Anstis Street and Frederick Street, just up from King Street, we find the classic corner local – the Duchy of Cornwall. A beerhouse only until 1961 it was granted a full publican’s licence in the summer of 1961, not long after the death of the then landlord, William Coles. The new licence came at the expense of the former Ship Inn in John Street, Devonport and was granted to the new host here at the Duchy, Rose Crittendon.

Contemporary with the specific area it sits in, the Duchy dates back to the late-1860s, early-1870s, when the 5’6” Prince Albert Edward (Bertie – the future Edward VII), eldest son of Queen Victoria, was Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall. The Duchy itself was established in Cornwall in 1337, by Edward III for his eldest son.


1877 - Henry Baugh
1885 - John Bond
1914 - T Menhennitt
1919 - Ethel Stoyle
1921 - Joseph Werry
1927 - Charles O’Connor
1928 - Ernest Richards
1930 - Joseph Burrows
1932 - Albert Quick
1935 - Frederick Meer
1938 - Wilfred Loveridge
1941 - George Tempest
1946 - Olive Tempest
1952 - Olive Cook (nee Tempest)
1953 - William Morris
1953 - Mary Morris
1954 - William Coles
1961 - Rose Crittendon
2005 - Christopher Frankum