Dolphin Inn (Old Town Street)

As one of Plymouth’s oldest thoroughfares it is perhaps not surprising to find that, over the years, Old Town Street has been one of our most heavily pub populated streets. The construction of the market, just west of the route, at the beginning of the nineteenth century did much to maintain that particular claim to fame, however, since the demolition of the Bedford Vaults, in the early 1960s, the street has been without a single hotel or inn.
The Dolphin (one of five pubs of that name to have stood at one time or other in the Three Towns) was at No.3 Old Town Street, just along from the Telegraph at No.1 on the corner of Bedford Street and on a site just south of the corner of Norwich Union House today. The pre-war Spooner’s department store was later built across both sites and beyond.


1823 - Mark Bateman
1830 - John Hill