Dockyard Inn

The Dockyard Inn was one a few pubs that stood in erstwhile Dockwall Street, a somewhat one-sided thoroughfare running south from the Dockyard entrance at the end of Fore Street. The original dockyard wall took up the whole west side of the street and among those properties on the other side were the Sheer Hulk, the Queen’s Arms and Dockyard Inn. In the 1880s, almost 200 years after work on the King’s Royal Dockyard had begun, Dockwall Street was refashioned and renamed and became Edinburgh Road.

Now that street too is long gone, as is the wall that was built around the extended dockyard in the 1950s, however we now have a new thoroughfare in this area, which is once again bounded by the original dockyard wall, and, in an apt nod to history it is known as Wall Street.


1823 - T Pearce
1830 - Peter Tillman
1847 - William Roach