Crown Inn

It was one of four Tamar Street pubs that closed in the early 1930s to make way for the new flats at Pottery Quay. Seventy-something years on those flats have themselves been demolished as yet another development starts to take shape. Within sight of and only yards from the Tamar Brewery between the Tamar Canal and Moon Cove, the Crown stood at the southern end of the street just across from the Ferry Hotel, on the side of the road leading down to the Torpoint Ferry.

A privately owned beerhouse until shortly before its demolition – Avis Williams (who bought it from the long serving Joseph Gliddon) was the last individual owner/occupier – the Crown was part of the New Victoria Brewery chain when time was eventually called here on 4th December 1930.


1875 - Joseph Gliddon
1922 - Avis Williams
1924 - Alfred Jenkins
1924 - Frank Knowling
1925 - William Barrett
1926 - John Tottel
1929 - Charles Tottel