Crown and Sceptre

It stood on the corner of Buckwell Street and Buckwell Lane, just a handful of houses away from Treville Street on site now found almost in the middle of the open ground used by the buses and coaches at Breton Side Bus Station. Two doors away was James Jones, fishmonger, at No.12a and the caption on this photograph, when it appeared in Plymouth and Plymothians thirty years ago, was “W Green, beer retailer at the Crown and Sceptre welcomed the Barbican fisherman.” It continues, “the wagonette was stabled in High Street.” Interestingly enough, what we call Buckwell Street, today, is what was High Street in 1898 when this photograph was taken, sadly the name High Street disappeared from this area in the post war rebuilding. The pub itself, incidentally, disappeared during the Blitz.


1865 - M Hatch
1873 - Jas Phillips
1895 - R Quantick
1898 - Frederick Green
1905 - F Marks
1907 - A Grove
1910 - Henry Inch
1914 - J Batten
1921 - Richard Bowden
1928 - William Bowden
1941 - Thomas Penwill