Crown and Anchor (High Street)

Union Street may be more famous, or infamous as a street once inhabited by many hostelries, but spare a thought for High Street (or Fore Street as it became), Stonehouse.

Prior to the laying out of Union Street this was the principal route from Stonehouse Bridge to Plymouth and even as late as the 1860s, several decades after Foulston had created Union Street, there were 24 pubs in High Street, 10 of them in one stretch of 14 properties, between Market Street and the bridge.

The Crown & Anchor was right in the middle of this section, with four pubs to the east and five to the west. Presumably popular with, and certainly targeting the Naval personnel, particularly Petty Officers, the pub appears to have closed sometime in the 1870s, along with all but two of those neighbouring nine pubs.


1856 - Samuel Garnder
1862 - Philip Osborne
1865 - William Cheek
1873 - Thomas Firks