Crown and Anchor (Castle Street)

At one time there were as many as twelve licensed premises in Castle Street, few however survived the efforts to render the street a little more respectable in the mid-1870s; among those that closed – the Crown and Anchor, a modest beerhouse which stood next-door to the Bunch of Grapes, across the road from the Rising Sun and just yards down from the junction with Lambhay Green.

A popular enough pub name (there was another on the Barbican itself – it later became the Sir Francis Chichester before undergoing a rapid number of name changes), ‘The Crown and Anchor’ is, in addition to being the badge of the Lord High Admiral, also the arm badge of petty officers in the Royal Navy and is consequently a popular choice of name for retired seamen who enter the licensing trade.


1850 - William Oram
1857 - Samuel Mitchell
1873 - Mrs Jane Mitchell