Country House Inn

It stood at the northern end of James Street on a site that, since the mid-fifties, has been inside the Dockyard Wall. However the two adjacent properties at the end of the street that housed the Country House Inn disappeared long before that, indeed it would appear they were a victim of redevelopment that followed in the wake of the construction of the then new Devonport Market in the 1850s.

One of a dozen or so James Street pubs in the first half of the nineteenth century, the Country House had occupied a prominent site overlooking the old market buildings and a large spacious junction at the meeting point of James Street, Duke Street, Catherine Street and Northbrook Street (then called Francis Alley) – the last two streets also long since vanished on the other side of the wall.


1812 - Prudence Smith
1822 - Thomas Witt
1830 - Grace Witt
1847 - William Cundy
1852 - James Thomas
1862 - Thomas Harris
1864 - Thomas Chope
1867 - Thomas Bailey