Cornish Inn

It stood at the bottom of the largely residential Well Street, on the eastern side of the road on the corner of the lane that ran in behind the back of King Street, on a site that now lies at the bottom of the footbridge that crosses Western Approach at the point where it reaches the ground of Frankfort Gate (no trace of Well Street now survives).
It would appear that William Rawlings was the first owner and proprietor of the Cornish Inn – perhaps he was a Cornishman himself – and after him, his wife Fanny ran it through until 1926. Fanny sold the premises, never more than a beerhouse, to the New Victoria Brewery, in Hyde Park Road and later Ind Coope & Allsopps leased it from them. It closed in 1956.


1888 - William Rawlings
1898 - Fanny Rawlings
1921 - William Johns
1925 - John Evans
1927 - John Williams
1938 - Sydney Abbott
1941 - Jean Abbott
1952 - Nelson Edwards