Cornish Inn (Ordnance Street)

Doudtless named to catch the Cornish trade, the Cornish Inn stood not far from the top of Cornwall Street, which in turn led down to Cornwall Beach, the main landing stage and sometime ferry crossing point for non-service vessels coming to and from Devonport for many years.

The Cornish Inn itself was in Ordnance Street, which then, as now, ran down from Morice Square to the entrance of Morice Yard, the old Gun Wharf where the Navy’s ordnance – guns, gunpowder, cannons and cannonballs, etc., was all stored.

The pub would appear to have been relatively short-lived, with time being called here sometime in the late 1870s.


1844 - John Lapthorne
1857 - Alex Dodd
1865 - Elizabeth King