Corn Market Inn

It stood just yards from the original main entrance to the Dockyard at the top end of what was originally known as Dock Walls and then became Dockwall Street, before it was rebranded Edinburgh Road. Aggie Weston’s would eventually swallow up the first few properties of Dock Walls, including the Corn Market, which stood in that first section between Fore Street and Bragg’s Alley (which in turn became Willes Street in the wake of all the redevelopment).

At one time there were three pubs overlooking the Dock Walls in this street, the Newport – located between Northbrook Street (Francis Alley) and Cory Street (Doidge’s Well) – being the only one to survive into the twentieth century. It stood until the 1950s, but by the end of that decade all traces of the building and the aforementioned streets – apart from Fore Street, had disappeared.


1838 - J Chubb
1844 - Philip Hambley
1847 - John Baldwin
1852 - Henry Stribling
1865 - William Shotter