Cooper’s Arms (Batter Street)

As the Barbican essentially encompasses the old part of Plymouth it’s tempting to think that the street names are all fairly ancient, and indeed most of them are, but that’s not to say that they’re all original. Time was when Batter Street was known as Lower Pomeroy Conduit Street and it ran from Pike Street (Looe Street) across Catte Street (Stillman Street) down to Vintry Street (Vauxhall Street), and in it you would have found the Cooper’s Arms.

The pub appears to have been relatively short-lived, although, curiously enough we find a Brewer’s Arms later appearing in the same stretch. In those days there were a number of coopers (barrel, cask and tub makers) in the area, along with a number of brewers, particularly around the bottom of Hoegate Street.


1823-1830s - Isaac West