Conqueror’s Arms

Time was when most pubs were much smaller than they are today, no bigger than a front room of an ordinary house, which is often precisely what they were. As can be seen from the map (which was surveyed in 1863 and published in 1877) there were then two pubs, or rather beerhouses (note the use of BH rather than PH) in Honicknowle then. The Victory still serves the local community today, but back then it is likely that the second premises was adapted in response to increased demand from the men who were then working the local quarries. During the course of the twentieth century Victory was expanded massively and it may even be that the building that was once the separate and distinct Conqueror is part of an earlier, nineteenth century expansion of the pub. This notion appears to be supported by the map which suggests that the Victory is above the Conqueror in Farm Lane and the Victory now incorporates the bottom of that block.