Coach Office Inn

It’s probably no more than one of those little quirks of history, but the site of the old Coach Office Inn is less than 100 metres from Plymouth’s present Coach and Bus Station. Before the motor car and indeed long before the train the horse-drawn coach, stage or private or whatever was the principal means of land transportation in England and elsewhere and not surprisingly inns where a coach and six and its passengers might stop for either short of long-term sustenance were bound to be popular. And just as we had a later generation of Railway Inns so there were a large number of Coaching Inns, there are still around fifty in the London area, most of them dating from the seventeenth century onwards.

The Coach Office Inn itself was located on the line of Exeter Street (it was No.3) but it was a victim of the blitz and its site is now buried beneath the entrance to the refashioned Bilbury Street.


1890 - Elizabeth Baker
1898 - John Hodge
1915 - James Price
1941 - Robert Yeldham