Coach Builders Arms

It would appear that sometime in the mid-1850s Orlando Wright opened the Coach Builder’s Arms in the Queen Street premises formerly occupied by one of the street’s two coach proprietor’s William Burgoyne. Could it be that one of them was also a coach builder? Whatever the answer, the name didn’t last and by 1865 it had become the Queen Street Spirit Vaults and, more simply, the Queen’s Arms soon after that. And so it appears to have remained until around the time of the First World War when time was called after the best part of fifty years and Hatch & Sons opened a tailoring business there.

The pub stood on the corner of Queen Street and Wembury Street, just yards from the eastern end of Union Street on a site now buried in the roadway around Derry’s Cross roundabout.


1857 - Orlando Wright
1885 - WH Crowhurst
1888 - Miss AR Luscombe
1890 - William Stephens
1900 - J Tickle
1911 - G Townsend