Clarence Inn

Standing but a short distance off Fore Street, and just around the corner from the main Dockyard Gates, the Clarence Inn appears to have closed around the same time that Aggie opened her first Temperance Hotel in Fore Street – and in the years to come the front of the Catherine Street property would come to overlook part of the massive Sailor’s Rest that Miss Weston would build along that stretch of Fore Street between the gates and the corner of Catherine Street.

Commemorating the so-called ‘Sailor King’ William IV, who was well-known to the area in his early years as the Duke of Clarence, there were at least four other pubs across the Three Towns named after him.


1830 - William Hope
1844 - Samuel Lane
1852 - Robert Webb
1862 - James Strickland
1865 - John Baker
1873 - William Baker