Central Hall

It stood adjacent to the Central Hall itself, which was itself a social centre or at least entertainment centre of some sort, and which made up a part of the Central Hall buildings that fronted onto Manor Street. It was a clear candidate in its day for Plymouth’s most westerly pub, as, of course, Manor Street marked the boundary between Plymouth and Stonehouse.

In those days Central Street was a narrow thoroughfare with the pub and a couple of shops on the northern side, with the remains of a rope walk running up the back of a number of the houses. The area had been quite rural when Union Street was first laid out in the 1820s but after the arrival of the railway and Millbay Docks, quickly became industrialised and there was a candle factory and a foundry within a few yards of the pub.


1856 - James Taylor
1862 - I Taylor
1880 - James Way
1885 - J Northmore
1893 - James Nott
1895 - Robert Thorpe
1903 - A Long
1907 - J Rendell
1911 - AS Skinner