Castle Farm Inn

It is quite likely that, before the construction of Crownhill Fort in the 1860s there was some form of fortified structure on that high point of the ridge road to Tavistock. An important route over many centuries, running adjacent too, to Drake’s Leat, at this point, this would have been an important bit of highway. Offering excellent all round vision, Castle Farm, as its name implies was almost certainly either fortified or castellated, as many strategically significant farms often were. Although it would appear that the inn was accommodated within the farm buildings but briefly in the middle of the nineteenth century its site will be well remembered by many Plymothians as being occupied more recently by Castle Garage, near the current McDonalds Restaurant and on the left of the Tavistock Road travelling north (and to the east of Crownhill Fort).

Incidentally, despite its proximity to the village of Knackersknowle (as Crownhill was then known) the inn was listed as being within the parish of St Budeaux.