Carpenter’s Arms (Barrack Street)

Time was when the Carpenters’ Arms was quite a common pub name, which is just as you would expect too, as, before the age of machine tools and factory furniture, there were a lot more carpenters about.

Today, sadly, there are no pubs of that name in Plymouth, but 150 years ago there was one in each of the Three Towns. One in Notte Street, near the junction with Southside Street, one in Prospect Row, very close to the erstwhile barracks at Mount Wise, and one in Stonehouse, right outside the entrance to the Royal Marine Barracks, in Barrack Street itself. Of the three pubs this was the first to go, sometime in the late 1860s when most of Barrack Street was cleared for the extension to the Barracks.


1850 - John Edwards
1862 - James Johnson