Carlton Inn

It stood on the corner of Market Street and St Aubyn Street, a street parallel too and one over from Chapel Street, Devonport, to the west of the Brown Bear on a site now inside the 1950s Dockyard wall extension. A blitz victim, the Carlton was on the main tram route through Devonport and in the 1890s stood across the road from the Devonport and Western Counties Blind Institution (where William Peek was the treasurer, the Reverend R Mildren the secretary and Richard Guswell the caretaker – all good local names).

In the early part of the twentieth century the premises was owned by Messrs Carr and Quick of 92 Union Street, quite where the name for their Inn came from originally is not at all clear; there are a dozen or more Carltons and Careltons to be found around Britain – several of them in Yorkshire – generally the name suggests that originally this was the “tun” or settlement of the free men or peasants.


1822 - Richard Brown
1838 - James William
1844 - George Veale
1850 - Jane Butcher
1857 - Amelia Veale
1864 - George Parker
1873 - Robert Burnett
1888 - William Piper
1890 - William Herbert
1898 - Mrs E Randall
1901 - Thomas Stephens
1902 - AJ Thomas
1903 - G Hawkins
1910 - W Sowden
1914 - John Williams
1923 - Lavinia Williams
1934 - Joseph Moss
1937 - George Firth
1942 - William Maher