Caprera Hotel

At one time owned by Richard Rugg Monk of St Lawrence Road, Plymouth, the Caprera Hotel, was owned, when it closed, by the “Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Plymouth.” Quite how or why that came to pass is, for the time being, a mystery – perhaps someone still knows the story. It may be that the property was purchased by the local authority in the late 1920s with a view to widening Cobourg Street. The Caprera was at the eastern end of Boons Place, reaching right onto Cobourg Street and its annual licence was renewed for the last time in February 1927.

Sixty years earlier the property had been the residence of the Reverend Theo Bennett, incumbent of neighbouring Christ Church, but by 1871 it was listed as the premises of Robert Wall, Wine and Ale Retailer and Lodging Keeper.


1871 - Robert Wall
1889 - William Moore
1897 - Henry Sargeret
1920 - Thomas Eastcott
1927 - Ernest Foster