Builder’s Arms (Millbay)

In an area where there is currently much building work being undertaken, it’s interesting to hark back to a time when the first major wave of construction was taking place around Millbay – the middle of the nineteenth century. Union Street, linking the Three Towns, had come first and the Plymouth stretch was dominated by upmarket housing. However with the development of Millbay Docks in the 1840s and the arrival of the railway at the end of that decade, the character of the area started to change and pubs, beerhouses and refreshment rooms abounded. Bath Street itself had several, including at the Millbay Road entrance to the thoroughfare, the Builder’s Arms. At that time there were still houses on both sides of the street, however as the railway expanded and the eastern side of the street was removed to accommodate the expansion so the character changed again and a number of these premises closed.


1857 - Mary Luxton
1867 - William Row
1873 - John Black
1877 - W Gulliver
1882 - Julian Job
1890 - John Nottle
1898 - Charles Few