Buckwell Inn

It stood a few doors to the north of the junction of How Street and Buckwell Street, when Buckwell Street itself ran north from the top of Looe Street (the present Buckwell Street is actually what was then High Street).

Little trace of the original street now remains, although part of the line of the street is still there running between the top of How Street to Looe Street, between Roger’s the Barber and Bigga Records.

The pub seems to have been opened by a former confectioner, Henry Allen, who was operating here as a baker and beer retailer, eventually eschewing the baking side of the business altogether. The Buckwell appears to have run successfully as a pub only for over twenty years – up until 1910 when for some reason its license was refused.


1867 - Henry Allen
1885 - Mrs M Allen
1890 - Henry Smith
1893 - William Record
1895 - JW Bateson
1898 - JW Dawe
1903 - C Soper