Buckingham Inn

It stood in a stretch of road once known as Buckingham Place – a road of two parts Buckingham Place upper and lower – between Hobart Street and Millbay Road, Stonehouse (as opposed to the more modern thoroughfare of that name at Ernesettle).

Known towards the end of the nineteenth century as Pinhey’s Vaults, the Buckingham Inn closed in the first week of January 1927.

Henry Hurst was the last publican to run the premises, which was owned at the time by the brewery firm Norman and Pring. This erstwhile Exeter-based brewery company also owned the neighbouring Salisbury Hotel which closed in the early sixties – no trace either survives today, the site having been redeveloped over forty years ago and is soon to be redeveloped again.


1898 - MJ Radford
1911 - F Gawden
1920 - Henry Hurst