Bristol Inn

While the cry goes up from time to time about the excess number of nearby licensed premises in and around the Barbican today, there was at one time, around the middle of the nineteenth century, four small pubs (they were nearly all small by modern standards then) in a row at the eastern end of Notte Street, to the right of the entrance to Southside Street.

At the beginning of the 1880s a large section of that eastern end of Notte Street was redeveloped, albeit very much in a style true to the earlier buildings, and it would appear that around the same time, if not a little earlier, that run of pubs, including the erstwhile Bristol Tap House, ceased trading. Curiously enough in 1880 there was the Bristol Castle, the Bristol Inn and the Bristol all in Devonport, but Plymouth itself had seemingly severed its nominal link as far as licensed premises were concerned.


1857 - Edward Amery
1864 - T Clarke
1867 - William Phillips