Bristol Inn (Duke Street)

Standing right next door to the Sailor’s Home in Duke Street, Devonport, the Bristol Inn appears to have been home to a china dealer, prior to its conversion to a pub in the early 1860s. Curiously enough, there appears to have been a number change here too, as it was formerly known as No.70, but became No.66 in its new guise, as a whole stretch of properties in the street were down-numbered by 4.

Located close to the corner of Monument Street, the Bristol was one of a handful of hostelries in the street – there was also the Brewer’s two doors away and the Queen’s, the Baker’s, the Forester’s and the George & Dragon.

Seemingly renamed the Bridport in the late nineteenth century the pub closed in October 1916 when its license was refused.


1865 - John Pearce
1867 - John Kingwell
1873 - John Price
1880 - R Hicks
1885 - John Kingwell (Bridport)
1890 - Francis Farrant
1895 - W Driskell
1898 - Thomas Powell
1907 - EJF Stephens
1914 - PW Blair