Brewer’s Arms (Lower Batter Street)

It’s strange how so many names have changed in this little area north of the Parade; High Street (now Buckwell Street); Vintry Street and Woolster Street (now part of Vauxhall Street) and Catte Street (now part of Stillman Street) – despite the fact that the basic street plan is much the same. Curiously enough Lower Batter Street still retains the principal part of its old name – the Lower has been dropped – even though the lowest part of the route, the narrow stretch between warehouses leading onto the Parade, is much as it was in 1850.

The upper section (today between Vauxhall Street and Stillman Street) containing the Brewer’s Arms (a modest, shortlived, beerhouse and therefore not a designated PH – Public House) has no pre-war survivors, despite the fact that most of the buildings did, indeed, survive the war.


1850 - Jacob Smith
1964 - John Fox