Black Horse

Back in the seventeenth century Black Horse was a common nickname for the 7th Dragoon Guards, it was later used as the emblem of the Starkey Knight and Ford brewery and more recently as the logo of Lloyds Bank.

The Black Horse here was a late-nineteenth century Plymouth pub that opened, it would appear, soon after the closure of the “neigh”bouring White Horse in Basket Street. Basket Street had been a victim of the redevelopment that saw the creation of the new Guildhall and Municipal Buildings in 1873 and although the name remained all of the old buildings were cleared. A similar fate was to befall the Black Horse too, as, shortly after this picture was taken in 1886/7, it was pulled down, along with the building next to it and a new, purpose-built YMCA was erected in its place on the corner of Bedford Street and Westwell Street (on a site now occupied by the south-eastern corner of Dingles Department store.


1880 - J Mead
1885 - J Brokenshire