Black Horse, B

In the days before the multi-horse-power motor car came to dominate the street-scape and even before the iron-horse that was the early railway engine started to traverse the countryside, the horse reigned supreme. The greatly cherished, loved and revered beast was commemorated in the naming of pubs the length and breadth of Britain and in the Three Towns alone we had the Wagon and Horses, the Coach and Horses, as well as the Packhorse, the Brown Horse, White Horse and Black Horse. Indeed there were at least two each of the latter, with a White Horse in Plymouth and Devonport and two Black Horses in Plymouth – one in Bedford Street the other in Bath Street.

Both were relatively short-lived and were around in the middle of the nineteenth century. Sadly none of the names survive today, as the world has moved on, although curiously the motor car tends not to be celebrated in anything like the same way.


1857 - Richard Arthur
1867 - Richard Martin