Battle of Inkermann

It stood in a stretch of Fore Street (High Street) Stonehouse that had a large number of pubs on both sides of the road, including, just across the Battle of Inkermann, the Fortune of War. Clearly their proximity to Stonehouse Bridge and all the servicemen based there played some part in the choice of pub names, there were undoubtedly a lot of ex-servicemen in the trade as well.

Almost certainly this was not the original name of the pub as we have references to a beer retailer being here before the Battle of Inkerman. The battle, successful from the British perspective, was a Crimean War encounter in November 1854, however the British didn’t to try to press home their advantage and rather than attempt to take Sevastopol, they opted for a winter siege, and lacking supplies, it was a long and cold winter.

Interestingly enough James Henley, who was probably responsible for the name appears to have moved from here in the late 1860s and went on to run the Fortune of War.


1850 - Samuel Gardiner
1857 - James Henley