Bar Vivo

The number of properties operating as drinking establishments in the Barbican’s Southside Street has fluctuated over the years and there are at least three premises there today that used to house pubs, but currently do not – although one, the erstwhile Albion, still has a licence for off sales (it is the Co-op shop on the corner of Pin Lane).

Bar Vivo is, on the other hand, one of those properties that has never been a pub before, but is currently as of 2005.

Previously a clothes shop (Mainly Blue) it has, over the years, been the base for a lawn mower engineers, a general dealer, a watchmaker, and dairyman, amongst other things. Curiously enough it stands on the corner of a short, unnamed, cobbled opening through to the Parade, which has the Cider Press one side and Smokey Joe’s on the other.