Bar Oasis

Originally two separate retail outlets, an electrical shop and a butcher’s, this unusual free house in Ebrington Street has been open now for nine years. Although a popular karaoke venue the name was not so much a nod to the anthemic songs of Noel Gallagher and his band Oasis, rather it was there to suggest that this was a welcome watering hole, a licensed premises on the fringe of an area that was not renowned for such establishments. Indeed head on eastwards past this bar and, apart from a couple of members only social clubs, you won’t find another pub until you leave the Lipson estate (a restrictive covenant covers most of the St Judes and Mount Gould areas).

The word itself is apparently of Egyptian origin and was originally applied to fertile areas in the Libyan desert and thereafter applied generically to all fertile spots in the middle of deserts, the implication, of course, being that water is present.


2000 - Mike Miller