Bank of England

Standing on a site swallowed up by the extension to North Yard (Keyham) in the 1950s, No.7 John Street, was, for the greater part of its existence, known as the Bank of England. A modest beerhouse it stood on the western side of John Street on the opposite corner of New Passage to the Newpassage Brewery.

Sandwiched between the two major parts of the dockyard within a stone’s throw of the busy Pottery Quay and Torpoint Ferry this was a popular place for local breweries and their attendant outlets. Indeed the Bank of England was one of a handful of pubs in John Street alone. Taking its name from the central bank of England and Wales (founded in 1694), the pub appears to have called time for the last time soon after the beginning of the Great War in 1914.


1852 - Thomas Westlake
1873 - John Bickford
1877 - T Brown
1885 - Mrs J Evans
1890 - Peter McOwen
1897 - Charles Collins
1898 - W Brimblecombe
1901 - Robert West
1903 - W Hancock
1906 - W Pope
1907 - William Pappin
1910 - GW Pye
1912 - TA Yabsley
1914 - T Haley