Baltic Inn

At a time when hundreds of ‘new’ beerhouses opened across the Three Towns the Baltic Inn was started up, at No.27 Adelaide Street, Plymouth, most probably by the first landlord we have record of, Charles Halleday.

Curiously enough, a mile or two across town, in the same year that we find that first reference, we also find the first record of the Baltic Fleet pub in Castle Street. Clearly the inspiration for these names being the situation in the Crimea, where the British Navy was involved in fighting the Russian Fleet, as Britain sided with the Turks in an attempt to foil Russian imperialistic ambitions and prevent their accessing the Mediterranean.

Like the equally patriotic Red, White and Blue pub, also in Adelaide Street, the Baltic (like its namesake on the Barbican) was destined for a short existence and by the time Adelaide Street had been absorbed into Rendle Street (sometime around 1868) both beerhouses had been closed.


1857 - Charles Halleday
1867 - Laver Eber