Athenaeum Hotel

It stood on the corner of Queen Street and Union Street, on a site now covered by the road running around Derry’s Cross Roundabout – it would have been in line with the northern side of Union Street and just east of the old Radiant House building.

It would appear to have been known initially as the King William IV (later just the William IV) becoming the Athenaeum sometime around 1863 when there was also a major re-numbering of the street.

Directly across from the Athenaeum, on the south side of street, was the narrow Athenaeum Lane, running right up to the old Theatre Royal (where the ABC Cinema now sits), which of course, then as now, was adjacent to the Athenaeum (the modern building occupying the same site as Foulston’s original which was built in 1818-19, around the same time as Union Street was laid out.


1844 - William Ryall
1864 - John Ballard
1880 - A Strike
1885 - WH Galley
1888 - John Stancombe
1910 - Albert Rendle
1943 - Muriel Rendle
1947 - John De La Laste