Closed for almost 100 years now, the Apollo stood on the south-western corner of Pembroke Lane and Fort Street, Devonport. Originally one of two beer houses in Fort Street, the Apollo is the only pub of that name to have graced the Three Towns, however there are others up and down the country. Somewhat ironically perhaps as Apollo was deemed to be the personification of the perfect male figure, a shape not always associated with beer drinkers.

It would appear that the last licensee, EE Blatchford, decided to call time on the day to day running of the pub not long after the start of the First World War, however Blatchford remained at the property and was described as being a ‘foreman’ in Fort Street, in 1923.


1852 - Thomas Reed
1862 - James Smerdon
1867 - William Jones
1877 - John Knight
1885 - S Langler
1890 - Mrs Sophia Dustin
1895 - Arthur Oakley
1898 - Mrs Rebecca Ford
1903 - SC Harris
1911 - WH Martin
1914 - EE Blatchford