Anchor and Hope

Time was when each of the Three Towns – Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport – had a Anchor and Hope pub: not surprising really when you consider the maritime history of the area. We have also had a couple of Crown and Anchors and a Lion and Anchor.

All three Anchor and Hope were within sight of or a stone’s throw of the sea. The Devonport pub was located in Cornwall Street, that busy thoroughfare between South Yard and Morice Yard, which ran down to Cornwall Beach. Today there is just the Steam Packet at Cornwall Beach, but at one time or another there has been a dozen or so pubs in the street and on the beach looking across to Cornwall.

Two hundred years ago Cornwall Street, was known as North Corner Street, as it stood on the north corner of the Dockyard, which at that time didn’t extend all the way up to Camel’s Head Creek.


1812 - David Davis
1830 - John Rowe
1844 - Mary Northy
1857 - Joseph Moyse