Alma Inn (Clarence Place)

It would appear to be a short-lived pub, operating out of Stonehouse, at 16 Clarence Place, just a few doors away from the White Lion, which was on the corner of Battery Street, looking out across to the wall of the Royal Naval Hospital.

Evidence suggests it was opened in the mid-1850s not long after the Battle of Alma (which took place on 20 September 1854). The encounter, which was a great success for the Allies in the campaign in the Crimea, inspired street names and pub names across the country and especially in the Three Towns, dominated as they were by servicemen.

Thus it was that we have two Alma Inns, one here and another in Exeter Street, as well as a Victory of Alma Inn.

One wonders if they were run by returning servicemen, or just landlords, or landladies, trying to attract just such a clientele.


1857 - Jane Piper