Albany Inn

It stood at the junction of John Street and Albany Place, both of which ran to the north of and almost parallel to, Cobourg Street, and both of which have long since been obliterated with the development of the University. Today the path to the south of the University’s Babbage Building almost marks the line of John Street, which ran west from James Street, while the pub site itself is buried under part of North Cross Roundabout, not quite in the centre.

Referred to in one early directory as the Albion, but subsequently as the Albany the latter is more likely given its location (there was an Albion Inn in Cobourg Street). It is of course possible that it was known by both names at one time or another though as Albany is, like Albion, thought perhaps to have once been the Celtic name for the whole of Britain, although Albany (which is also associated with the Duke of York) undoubtedly has a more Scottish flavour.


1852 - Peter Bird
1865 - Rose Phillips
1877 - T Randle
1885 - Edward Tucker
1895 - Henry Ham
1903 - Alfred Leeder
1911 - J Kavanagh
1914 - E Menhinick
1923 - Mrs Taylor
1939 - Dorothy Arthur
1951 - William Jewell