Not surprisingly, given the name, Woodway is a way leading up to a wood – Dunstone Wood, in Plymstock. The properties that make up Woodway were built by a number of small local builders in the early 1960s, among them Harry Mills, Tommy and Frank Parsons and Fred Moulder.

Fred Moulder was then in his fifties and like so many builders in his position he bought a number of plots from the Council and created properties on them, keeping one back for himself. Indeed Fred spent the rest of his life in the house he built as his own, although he continued to work through to the 1980s, finally taking leave of this mortal coil in 1996. Today his son, Frank, who had originally grown up there, now lives there again, having moved back with his wife sometime ago, to look after his ailing parents.

Built above Dunstone View and with views that take in Princetown, Kit Hill, Tregantle and Cawsand – and add around a five figure sum to the value of the properties there – the Woodway homes were built for around £3,600 and are slowly creeping up to a value that is around a hundred times that today, some forty years on.