Wollaton Grove

Wollaton, like Sherford, is part of the old Plympton Hundred and doubtless the geographic proximity of the two there, has some bearing on the fact that the two names appear even closer together between Crownhill Road and the Parkway in the western end of West Park. The southern end of Sherford Crescent is just yards from the entrance to Wollaton Grove overlooking the local playing fields.

One of the more ancient names in the area, Wollaton appeared as Olvievetona in the 1086 Domesday survey and harks back to an era when seemingly many more personal names started with a ‘W’. Hence we have Wiglaf’s tun for Wollaston and Wulfhere’s cot for Wollescote both in Worcestershire, Wulfrun’s tun for Wollerton and Wolverhampton. Here the Wulfrun in question was a lady and it would appear that our local example is also feminine one as it is suggested that Wollaton comes to us via Wulfgiefu’s tun.